Adrienne and Jason's Wedding Reception

Adrienne and Jason held their March 28th wedding reception at the lovely Stone Brewery in Escondido. It was an unseasonably warm and sunny day, perfect for family to get together and celebrate the joining of two peoples lives.

Adrienne is one of my very close friends, and in fact, we used to be roommates. When you live with someone you get to know them in a way, that in a traditional friendship you wouldn't, and that includes knowing the people they date pretty intimately. I'm a little protective of her as my friend, because she is feels like family. She is also just one of the sweetest people and deserves a good person to be a good partner in life.

So when I heard that she and Jason we're getting married, I was a bit apprehensive. When people meet online it can be scary, because you never know what you will get. But once I met Jason, and saw how happy and truly in love they both were together, I knew this was meant to be. Their commitment is so beautiful and awe inspiring, and I wish them nothing but a life time of happiness!

To Adrienne and Jason!