Wisner/Dean Balboa Park Family Session

I met Stephanie when we were in expat kids, going to High School in Switzerland about 15-16 years ago (god I am getting old). Unfortunately after highschool we lived and worked hundreds of miles away from each other. And occasionally when a friend gets married or we have a meet up with highschool friends, I get to see her.  SO I was thrilled when Stephanie emailed me and let me know she was going to be in town, with Mark and their sweet little girl Scarlett and she wanted to do pictures with me! 

I am so lucky to have so many friends around the world and I feel super honored that I not only got to meet up with Steph and Mark but that I also got the privilege of capturing their darling little family. I loved being able to show them part of San Diego that I love, and to just be together and catch up and have fun! Stephanie is still as sweet and kind as ever and I wish we lived closer so we could spend way more time together.

So Stephanie and Mark, I hope you love these teasers and I can't wait to send you more! Have a great time while you're here in So Cal and hopefully, sooner than later, we get to hang out and spend time together again!

Much Love,