Baby Carter's Harry Potter Themed Newborn Session


I am seriously obsessing over this Harry Potter themed newborn session. It was a warm day in early June when we shot this session, but we started early and Carter was a natural born baby model. Carter was born on May 27th, 2016 , weighing 7 lbs 15 oz. He was named Robert after dad, (it is also dad's middle name and it's a family name). 

Mom, Kristina came up with the Harry Potter theme and it turned out so darling!

"I wanted this theme partially because I'm just a nerd who wants to push my own obsessions onto my child :) I also like what Harry Potter represents and to me it brought a generation back to reading. .... Harry Potter also has life lessons that apply to all age's timeless. Harry Potter is also protected throughout the books because his parents sacrificed themselves because they loved him so much. That's a powerful message and one I'd love to convey to my son. " - Mom (Kristina Morgan)

Over all, I think this was probably one of the most beautiful and easy newborn sessions. I can't wait to do more with Carter, Kristina and Jeremy!