Gold and Jewel toned Galentine's Brunch 2017 in Cardiff by the Sea

Galentines Brunch 2017-11.jpg

On February 13 (today) women across the world (hopefully) are gathering together to celebrate Galentine's Day. First introduced in 2010 by my favorite TV character Leslie Knope, on the show Parks and Recreation, Galentine's Day is about "ladies celebrating ladies,".  Be they new or old friends, co-workers, family members, or personal heroes. What began as a fictional holiday for women to honor other women, has turned into a real life celebration as every year more women learn about and celebrate this happy day. SOOOO In honor of Galentine's Day, I decided to host the most lovely Gold and Jewel toned Galentines Brunch with some of my most loved girl friends (new and old). 

And I enlisted all of them to bring something delicious and pretty, since I thought it would be fun to document our love and admiration for each other. So everyone stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. We had an outstanding cheese plate, fruit and berry salad with a beet tinted cashew cream (ask Teague @teague.syreen for the recipe), roasted garlic herb bacon parmesan potatoes, and a truly outstanding quiches (we got to try 3 kinds, thanks Hilary!), Dark chocolate raspberry heart-shaped cheesecakes and dark chocolate covered strawberries from Elizabethan Desserts. My amazing friends all brought delicious treats, but my #1 brought the most delicious and beautiful Gluten Free (for me!) almond Orange Cake (again message Stephanie Guinnane for the recipe). 

Originally I wanted to have it outside, but with the weather not cooperating we moved it all in doors for a cozy pretty  party! So I went to Franco's Flowers here in Encinitas and decided to go ornate Jewel toned tea party-ish feel since we were inside.  It did stop raining for a minute and we took the puppy outside and the cake and got a few pretty pictures. I had the best time, so thank you to all the ladies who came, and let me be in your face for the majority of the party. I also just appreciate the opportunity to be able to spend some quality lady time together. I'm definitely going to do this again, and maybe even more than just one time a year. So keep your eyes open for my next lady get together!