The Tobins in Felicita Park, Escondido

When your friend comes to you with the cutest idea for a family shoot, there is no way that you say no. I mean this set of shirts kills me: The Original (mom/Kate) , The Remix (first born, Maizy) and The Encore (Sweet baby girl Cassie). And when you incorporate moms badass/drop dead gorgeous rocker girl style you get a winning set of images. The weather cooperated and cleared up, and we had the best time exploring felicita park and playing with the girls.

I love anytime I get to spend with you, Rob and your babies, but it's even better when it's time spent exploring. Maizy is so grown up and loved hunting for acorns and helping in anyway she could. And Cassie is such a Diva you can't help but get amazing shots of her running through Felicita Park's amazing oak groves. 

Kate, you know I love you to the moon and back, and I hope you love these teasers. Every year it gets better and better with these kids (and every year my skills improved too). I am so blessed to have you as not only my sweet friend, but as someone who has continued to entrust me with documenting your families journey. 



Shirts: KaAn's Designs

Hair and Makeup: Your's truly

Badass Styling: Mash up between Kate and me ;)