Bianca and Robert's USD Engagement Session

Bianca and Robert's University of San Diego Engagement Session 2018-18.jpg

Yesterday was the first sunny day in almost a month (thanks June gloom) and it was beautiful! Blue skies and light breezes made our session so easy peasy.  I met Bianca and Robert on the USD campus, right in front of the building where Bianca works. We had the best time wandering around this gorgeous campus, taking turns making each other laugh. I am so thrilled to be their wedding photographer this September. 

This sweet couple met when Bianca delivered her sister to her guitar lessons with Robert. Their conversations grew longer and longer after the lessons, and then they began hanging out. What started out as casual conversations has blossomed into one of the sweetest loves I've ever had the honor of documenting. Their kindness and consideration for each other was apparent through out the afternoon, and I am so excited to be able to show that through these images. 

I loved to watch them talk about each other and look at each other while thinking about the future. It reminded me of this sweet poem:


And as I sat and looked at her

and the rolling hill she sat upon

I thought, what amazing luck I have

that the world had created

such beautiful things

and given me the eyes to see them.



May you both always look at each other and see the promise of tomorrow in each other's eyes. :)