Vioght's 50th Anniversary/Family Session at Leo Carrillo Ranch, Carlsbad

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Well the Vioght's win the award of being my real last session of the year! And what an amazing session it was. Diane contacted me about doing a mix of a 50th Anniversary session and a family session together and I couldn't be more delighted with how it all turned out. Everyone came from far and wide to celebrate this sweet couple, and you can see the genuine joy on everyones faces.

Thank you all for sharing such a beautiful afternoon with me, and your sweet families stories. The kids were especially patient and fun, and a big thanks for being willing to laugh at yourselves.The strength and love you all have for each other is really a treasure that I know you all cherish. I hope you enjoy these new family heirlooms and I can't wait for you all to see the rest. 




Interview and Anniversary Session with Tim and Sharon Nagy on Orcas Island

Tim and Sharon Nagy (AKA my parents) have been married since June 18th, 1983. And so in their 33rd year of marriage I was finally able to strong arm them into letting me do a photo-shoot with them, and even sneak in a little interview.

 I am so thankful for them and their example, and it’s what has helped Eddie (my husband) and I to get through some hard stuff (Anxiety, depression and more! but that’s a story for another time). Thank you mom and dad for being a solid foundation and example for all of us.

Check out our Q&A below!

Interview on August 30th, 2016 (I recorded this, I wish you could hear it! Much funnier in the recording)

Taryn: I am interviewing Tim and Sharon Nagy, my parents. 
OK so this is just kind of anniversary related questions, just to give you some context. 
When did you get married and where?
 Sharon: We got married June 20, no, June 18th 1983. Right?
Tim: Huntington Beach, California at St. Mary’s by the Sea Church
Taryn: And Dad, How did you propose?
Tim: *silence*
ed duh duh hehe
I think we went out to dinner and I proposed
(mom shakes head)
No… What did I do? I forget (hehehe)
Sharon: hahaha. We picked out the ring, which was just a simple diamond. And you picked it up from the guy, and you were going to take me out to dinner but you were too excited. And so you were like (Mom motions hand out, handing her the box)
You don’t remember that?
Tim: I do remember that.
Sharon: I think we were even just getting ready for bed too or something…
Tim: Ok
Taryn: Ok so, too excited, couldn’t wait for dinner, dad just whipped out the ring, and said bllluuuuuu
Sharon: Pretty Much. I don’t think you even asked me
Tim: Oh I did
Sharon: Did you?
Tim: I definitely did, and then I went and got the ring
Sharon: You asked me first and then you went? Oh I don’t know. LOL
Taryn: OK, so next question.
Over the years, with careers and kids, how did you guys make time for each other?
Tim: We didn’t. He he.
Pretty much after they went to bed.  And, I don’t know, we were lucky, in that we had, some of the time, we had help. And then we had more time for each other whenever we lived over seas.
Sharon: Yeah, and then like when the kids were little, my mom and dad took them on the weekends
Tim: Yeah those were the big things, your mom and dad took them
Sharon: Ya, Grandma and Grandpa Deleon taking them for the weekend. Taking you guys for the weekends.
Taryn: Ok , and then as you celebrated your Anniversary this year,  what do you remember the most about your wedding day?
Tim: Mom’s dress strap breaking
Sharon: ha-ha that’s so romantic….
Probably just everybody being there. The two families that I had never meet before.
Taryn: Like all together?
Sharon: Yeah like all together.
Tim: How nervous you were.
Sharon: I wasn’t nervous.
Tim: That’s cause you were drunk Hahaha
Sharon: Hahaha I wasn’t drunk
Tim:  You were swilling down the champagne
Sharon: yeah like before, but not after. I wasn’t drunk
Tim: ok
You were happy
Taryn: Ok after 33 years is there anything you would have done differently?
Sharon: No…...No
Tim: Taken more pictures in bikinis when we were younger.
Sharon: lol
Tim: Bathing suits lol
Taryn: Bikini’s is just mom, dad. You mean bathing suits? lol
Sharon: I was going to say…. Excuse me….lol
Tim: Every five years you look back and go, god I looked great in that. hahaha
Taryn: What would you say are the most important elements for a successful marriage?
Tim: Take your mom to the jungle. Hahaha
Sharon: noooo no, I would say compromise….and forgiveness.
Tim: Yep
Sharon: and a short memory. Hahaha
Taryn: What about you dad?
Tim: I would say the same.  That, ah, learning to go more than half way. Cause if you think you’re right, you probably aren’t.  And if you’ve compromised a lot the other persons probably thinking the same thing, and that probably about the middle.
Taryn: Yeah, ok dad. What do you love most about mom?
Tim: Oh just that she does everything that she says she’s going to do, and she gets right on it.
 And I love the way she loves the kids and the dogs, and takes care of all of us.  Thinks about everybody else.  Those are some of the things I love about mom.
Taryn:  OK, Um Mom, What do you love most about dad?
Sharon: Uhhhh lets see. That you can count on him. And I guess that you always, you never really complained about having to work really hard for the family.  You liked your job.
This is going to make me cry… hehehe
Taryn: OK, What advice do you have for those just starting out in marriage? Although you just gave some advice but,
Tim: It’s going to be hard, you’re going to have to work at it.
Sharon: mm hm. Yeah its hard work, but it’s worth it.
Taryn: So I’ve got a few sentences I would like you guys to finish.
Sharon: I hate these!
Taryn: We’re almost done!
Ok,  Mom. I love you for letting me…… what?
Sharon:  I love you for letting me have my doggies. hahaha
Taryn: hahaha, OK Dad? Same sentence
Tim: I love you for letting me have my old cars
Haha’s all around
Taryn: Those are good ones!
The last one is Next year I want to_________ with you.
Sharon: Travel more
Taryn:  Dad?
Tim: That’s a great one! Hmmm Bicycle more.
Sharon: hmm ok, we can do that.
Taryn: OK We’re done! You did it!
Tim and Sharon: YAYAYAYAY‼‼
Love you dad! <3

Love you dad! <3