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The Wisner's Family Session at Hotel Emma, San Antonio

Wisner Family Session San Antonio Hotel Emma 2017-3.jpg

So I am a bit behind schedule but I can't wait to catch you all up on all the crazy over the last few months of traveling (if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook you've seen some of the fun). But instead of getting you all caught up I figured I'd jump ahead and do a little blog post on some of my favorite people in the world, The Wisner's! When Catherine (who is an amazing photographer in her own right) GAVE me an amazing lens earlier this year I just knew I had to pay her back in some way, and so when we had a great family friend (who is honestly like family) was having a wedding in San Antonio, I knew my chance had arrived. 

I have know this amazing family for about 15 years, since Stephanie and I became friends in High School, and watching their families amazing journey has been a true pleasure. And the apple of everyone's eye is little Scarlet. It was a cloudy drippy morning, but Scarlett brought the sunshine in her smile. She kept us all entertained and she is truly, madly deeply in love with her uncle Joe. Their sweet friend ship kept us all giggling and smiling. She refused to sit with her parents in the group shot, cause uncle Joe is where it's at!

 I hope you all love this sweet sneak peak and I can't wait to get you the rest ASAP. It is such an honor to be your friends and your photographer.

Big Hugs!!!