Australian Shephard

Losing My Missy Moo

*Full discloser - this is a sad post. If you cannot handle sad things, please do not read this post.*

This is my Missy Moo. She is a 15 year old Australian Shepherd and we got some really bad news a little over a week ago. She will be leaving us soon. I have been having a really hard time doing work and staying focused so I thought that maybe if I wrote it all down it would help. I am not a writer and I am crying while I write this, but I am going to try to do my best to try an explain how much this sweet girl has meant to me.

My family got Missy when I was in high school. She got her amazingly creative name because we all argued (my brothers and I) for so long over names, that in the mean time we kept calling her little miss and that's just what she started to answer to. She was not always an easy dog, and really the fact that she is so sweet and amazing I have to give full credit to my mother. She was a champ and put years of hard work into her, just like she did with us kids, and we got this amazing dog out of it all. 

She traveled with our family to countries around the world, and did things most people would be jealous of. But she didn't do all these amazing things with any one else in mind, she did it all to be with us. She always, no matter what we did, looked up to us (my brothers, my parents, and in the last few years my husband Eddie too) to see what we needed from her.  She is a giver and a server, probably something about the Aussie breed.

She has the softest ears, they feel like if a bunny and a cloud had a baby. And she lets you pull her in close and whisper all your problems to her.  And, I know she is a dog, but her chocolate eyes are so soft and sweet, it's like she understands and just wants to make it better. I think that's why she has been such a comfort to my husband Eddie. He is doing sooo great now, but he had a rough few years (Depression, Anxiety and Alcoholism) with, and through it all she always knew when he needed her. She would find him, and rest her chin on his knee, and I knew it would be ok. 

A few months ago, we got a new puppy Mae. She is the crazy blur in all the pictures below. She is constantly trying to kiss Missy, which is why there are so many pictures with her getting in Missy's face. I left a bunch of funny pictures of Mae in cause it makes me feel better. I got Mae because I just knew we were going to be coming to a time in the future when Missy would leave us. And I thought because Missy is such a good dog, it would be great to have her sort of lead the way, and show Mae. And because I was worried about Eddie. But I thought we had more time.

So I wanted to capture them together, before things get bad.  We went down to the park and played in the last golden rays of the day. I just want to press pause, and extend this moment forever. I know I can't but at least I'll always have my memories and these pictures. I love you Missy Moo, and I don't know what I'm going to do without you.