Baby photoshoot

Knox's San Elijo Lagoon Birthday Session

This kid!! Ugh he has my heart. This is Knox, and he is almost (I mean this is just crazy) 2 years old! I have taken his pictures since he was just a wee babe and he did an amazing job during his shoot yesterday. It rained and it was cold and he was a champion duck hunter. Every duck out there in the San Elijo Lagoon was observed and pointed at. He even tried to give them flowers (you can see this in the pictures below). 

He ran his little heart out and had such a fun time! ANNDDD he's going to be a big brother soon. I can't wait to meet this newest edition to the family. Thank you Jodi and Christian for letting me follow this little ones journey and be the one who gets to help document his growth. 



Stella's Dougher Lifestyle Newborn Session in Tierrasanta

How sweet is Stella and her tiny fluffy tutu? She honestly was such sweet girl and even though she tested our patience by staying awake for 2 1/2 hours she didn't cry or scream.  Mom  (Sheena) was a champ and finally got her down and we got the most darling pictures with her and Big Brother JD. 

I am so lucky and blessed to have been able to be apart of the Dougher's family journey and I am so excited to continue that through the years. Documenting Newborns is so special and sweet, and I truly enjoy the honor of being one of the first people your baby gets to meet. 

I am one blessed lady!



Adrian Warner 2 month Session in San Diego

Adrian was one of the easiest baby sessions I've done in a long time. He was sweet and sleepy, and tolerant of all of our poking and prodding getting him into different outfits (even though all he wanted to do was sleep). He's exact mini-me of his dad Brian AND He did an excellent job of not peeing or pooping on his mom, while he was naked. He waited for the moment after he got his diaper back on to do that!

Well done mom and dad or creating the most adorable little man and I hope you love these preview pictures. I can't wait to get you the rest. :)