Driggs Idaho

Corey and Kenna's Mommy and Me Snow Day in Teton Canyon

Yesterday was such a fun day! I met Corey and her sweet 2 year old daughter Kenna, 2 days ago. Kenna is shy when you first meet her but exuberant once she warms up. We decided to hang out and read some books before we went on our snow adventure. As we read, it started to snow and Kenna decided she was ready to go sled!

Corey (mom) was a champ, she pulled Kenna in the sled the whole time, in snow that when you sunk in came up to your waist. Kenna had a blast! She screamed and laughed the whole time, and even volunteered to pull the sled (for 2 minutes, it's heavy mommy!). She also was none stop eating the snow, which was one of my favorite things to do when I was little.

It didn't stop snowing the whole time, but luckily it was my favorite kind of snow, big soft slowly falling.  I loved every minute! Corey and Kenna, thank you for bringing me along for your mommy daughter day and I hope you love these images.