Maternity Session

Cara Paxson's Ocotillo Wells Maternity Session, Narrow Earths Trail

These images make me soooo happy. I am so blessed to have such a beautiful friend, inside and out. When Cara invited me to go out to the desert with her family for a camping trip in Ocotillo Wells, I knew the timing for a Maternity session would be perfect. With all the non-stop rain and talk of super blooms, I was so excited to tell her about my idea. And luckily for me, Cara is always up for an adventure. BTW you should definitely check out Cara's instagram and scent company @AsiiabyCara

So on Saturday morning, Eddie and I left camp in search of the perfect photoshoot location. And we found it at this little trail in Ocotillo Wells called Narrow Earths. I wish you could smell these photos, the blooms were intoxicating. Everything was green and growing, it's just so amazing the way the desert blooms and grows!  I say this all the time, but truthfully I had a terrible time narrowing down the images to just these few for a preview. Cara is the empitomy of the glowing mommy to be, and all of these images are proof.  If there is anyone out there wanting to take pictures in the desert, do it, the 2 hour trip is so worth it right now.

We headed back to camp after a little while to get a few snaps with Waylon, her first born.  It was the perfect golden light and we got some amazing shots in the blooms by camp. We were right along this path where dirt bikes and quads occasionally went by, and they kicked up the perfect amount of golden haze. Cara, you are beautiful and I hope you love a cherish these images. I can't wait to meet Dean in a few months. 



Jackie and Cesar's Maternity Session at WindanSea Beach, La Jolla

This afternoon in La Jolla was crisp, but in the best way. It's been raining a lot and the sky is super clear, which you can see in all of these pictures.  It kept us all on edge with a chill in the air and it kept me on my toes and sharp. This maternity session is for Jackie and Cesar's first sweet babe, and they were all stars. These photos, in a word, are stunning. 

Jackie, darling you were shinning love and light into the world and Cesar you reflected that perfectly back to your sweet lady.  I am so excited for this next journey for you and these are the moments that make my heart sing. Bringing a new person into the world is such a precious gift, and I hope that you love the way I captured your pure joy! 



Jackie Martinez Maternity Session-9.jpg

Dougher Home Maternity Session in San Diego

I LOOOOOVVVEEE this Maternity session with Sheena, Joe and JD. Being able to snuggle in your home, in your comfy space was so great.  It is such a privilege to photograph this beautiful family. I think it is by far one of my favorite locations to shoot. 

The colors of sweet baby girl "S" 's (I'm not sure if Sheena is ready to share her name but I'm sure you can figure it out from the pictures) room were so sweet and romantic .  I can't wait for her to get here and give her some snuggles! I absolutely love maternity photography so if you are in your early stages of pregnancy, let me know as I would love to photograph you, the ideal time is 7-8 months.

  Thank you so much Joe and Sheena, for again allowing me to photograph this time of your life and your family. I just can’t wait to see and meet your new & sweet bundle of joy!