Chula Vista Newborn Session - Jackie Martinez


Newborn sessions are quiet and sweet. They are gentle and delicate, and they are precious. I can't even accurately describe the delicious pleasure of being one of the first people to get to handle these little people. 

This is little bit of heaven is Christian, and he arrived just a week ago. He is the perfect combo of his sweet beautiful mommy, and tenacious playful daddy.  I think my favorite part of meeting a new human being is getting to figure out their personality, even at a week old. His mom Jackie, although tired (which you can't see in any of these images) could not be more thrilled. 

His darling nursery was a woodland/adventure theme, and his nickname fits so perfectly with his new space. "Little bear" was such a dream during this session. Over the course of yesterday morning we got to know each other, and I honestly can't wait to get to play with this bundle as he grows.

Jackie and Cesar, you did so well! I know bringing home a baby for the first time seems so scary and overwhelming but you are doing it and thriving. I hope you love these teasers and get to savor this fleeting moment a little longer because of them. 





Adrian Warner 2 month Session in San Diego

Adrian was one of the easiest baby sessions I've done in a long time. He was sweet and sleepy, and tolerant of all of our poking and prodding getting him into different outfits (even though all he wanted to do was sleep). He's exact mini-me of his dad Brian AND He did an excellent job of not peeing or pooping on his mom, while he was naked. He waited for the moment after he got his diaper back on to do that!

Well done mom and dad or creating the most adorable little man and I hope you love these preview pictures. I can't wait to get you the rest. :)



Lifestyle Newborn Session at home with the Bryant's

Meet Handsome baby Wesley, who was 10 days old for his in-home newborn session. He did NOT sleep the entire time, except for one tiny moment where he curled up so sweetly, for like 5 seconds.  He was the sweetest little fox I have ever seen!

My favorite part of any family photo shoot, is getting the first family portrait. Everyone is sort of unsure and gentle and it's just such an amazing moment that I hope they look back on with love and happiness. I also loved Wesley's sweet nursery with his woodland Orange, Grey and Green motif.  His beautiful cross stitch hanging was made by his mom! She just had a baby and had time to finish that for her sweet boy!? I was in awe. 

If you're wondering when the best time to get a newborn session done, I say the sooner the better. Usually I try to do a week after birth, but you never know. You may have a stubborn boy like wesley and you won't get a real sleepy session. But that's ok! We'll still get amazing images of your sweet family! But I ALWAYS recommend booking your session at least a month before you are due. I work around your actual due date but it gets you on my calendar and gives us a chance to coordinate and plan!

Shannon and Charles, I hope you love this sneak peak and I'm sorry it took a few extra days to get these first images to you! I can't wait to give you all the rest.