San Diego Family

The Dougher's Fall Family Session In San Marcos, CA

Dougher Family Session San Marcos 2017-1.jpg

I love this time of year, because not only do I get to see family, but I get to reconnect with some of my favorite friends and their sweet families. This past weekend I got to work with this sweet family, the Dougher's. This is our 4th session, and no matter how many times I say it, it really is a blessing in my life to get to document a family as wonderful as they are over time.

I love getting to see the kids grow and change. I love getting to play with your kids and making you smile.  Thank you Sheena and especially Joe, for being so patient and kind and continuing to work with me every year. I am so lucky to have been able to be apart of your families journey and I am so excited to continue that through the years. 

I am one blessed lady!



The Medfords's Fall Family Session in San Marcos CA

Medford Family Session San Marcos 2017-1.jpg

This past weekend I got to work with some amazing families, including the ever luminous Medford Family. And this year we got to even more of their family in their session (yay grandparents!!). Lucia has grown sooo much in this past year, and she is quite the caring and gentle big sister to the cuddly Felix. It's crazy to think that same time last year, Marlena was pregnant and now Felix is here and blessing their lives with his sweet smiles everyday! It blows my mind that the sweet little outfit hanging in Felix's nursery (and from his newborn session) that looked enormous, now fits him! 

I know I say it all the time but I really am so lucky to walk with these amazing people through their lives. This is the 4th year of family sessions with them, and it's been amazing watching their growth (and mine!).  Marlena and JD, thank you from the bottom-of-my heart for trusting me for another year, and for allowing me to document this glorious and fun afternoon that I had with you and your little ones!  ]

Much Love,


Mendola Family Session at Rancho El Camino Equestrian, Del Mar

Mendola Family Session at Rancho El Camino Equestrian, Del Mar

I am SOOO excited to share this sneak peak, from my session yesterday in Del Mar with Mia and her sweet Mom. These stunning ladies were so amazing and easy going, and their beautiful horse Vern was such a good boy! I started the day a bit worried since the weather report said it was going to be cloudy and potentially rain, but when it magically cleared up in the afternoon I knew that this session was going to be magical. Since it was such a special day, I had to do something extra for these sweet people. 

I ended up going over to my parents place (sorry mom, but I didn't take too many flowers) around the corner here in Cardiff and making some beautiful flower crowns.  One with Bougainvillea and white roses, another with purple Statice and olive tree branches, and finally the one for Vernie was Hydrangea Rosemary and purple garlic flowers. And they turned out to be perfect for the session!

Mia, I hope your family loves these sneak peaks and I am so excited to get working on the rest. You and your mom are the sweetest and I loved every moment with you. The light of your love for each other shone through in all of these pictures and I hope these pictures help you remember this golden afternoon. The way you love your parents, and the way the love you back, reminded me of this great quote by E.E. Cummings_

" You are my Sun, my moon, and all of my stars"