South Ponto Beach

Jessie and Mark's South Ponto Mini Engagement Session, Carlsbad

Jessie and Mark's South Ponto Mini Engagement Session-6.jpg

Yesterdays sunset was incredible! I think all the fires here in SoCal (It's the worst that are having fires) have made for some crazy stunning sunsets. It was super warm out and all kinds of romantic. Since we had such a short amount of time, and it was so toasty out, we all decided that getting in the water was the best way to stay cool! And when I say all of us, I mean all of us. I fully fell in the water, and we all got soaked (don't worry, I didn't catch myself, but instead kept the camera safe). 

But back to Jessie and Mark. These two met while living in Colorado, but it took Jessie moving here to San Diego for them to really connect romantically. Mark reached out when he came to visit a friend out here and they set up a coffee date, that neither was really sure was a date or not. That "date" lead to a full week of hanging out, and then that lead to Mark spending more and more of his time here instead of in Colorado. Isn't it funny the way life leads you to someone? :)

I think the thing I really love about this couple is their real connection to each other. You can feel it when your around them, the gravitational pull that brings them together. They build each other up and have real energy about them. They're ready for the next adventure, and I'm so excited to be there to document their big day in October.

Hope you guys love these pictures as much as I do! 



South Ponto Beach Family/Birthday Session 2017

I had the most fun at yesterday, combining work with fun. My old college roomie Laura and I reconnected a few months ago and when she asked me to do a photo-session for her mom, Karen's birthday I was so honored and excited! Laura and I met in college and back then, I was so lucky to meet and connect with her sweet mom and brothers and sisters back then. (like 12+ years ago)

So for me, not only was it a super great family session but it was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the whole family. All the kids were so amazing and I know it took everyone a minute to wake up, but once they did, wow! Such an amazing session, and I hope we don't have to wait another 10 years to catch up.  Enjoy this sneak peak guys, and I can't wait to show you the rest. :)



South Ponto Carlsbad Family Session - The Dodson's

Today was such a beautiful bright sunny day, and I got to start it in the best way,  a family session with the Dodson's. I feel so incredibly blessed that Len (the patriarch of the family) lost a bet and was fortuitously put in charge of finding and arranging this years family picture.

This spring has been so incredibly green and I love the bright colors of the flowers at South Ponto.  On top of the beautiful setting, the willingness of the whole family to go along with everything I was throwing their way was above and beyond what I expected. It was so bright that everyone was squinting away, but not one person complained about it. :)

Dear Dodson family, I hope you had a fantastic brunch this morning and got to spend some quality family time together. I had a hard time (per usual) just picking 10-15 images to share for your sneak peak, so I hope you enjoy all the extra sweet shots I shared below.