South Ponto Beach Family Session

South Ponto Beach Family/Birthday Session 2017

I had the most fun at yesterday, combining work with fun. My old college roomie Laura and I reconnected a few months ago and when she asked me to do a photo-session for her mom, Karen's birthday I was so honored and excited! Laura and I met in college and back then, I was so lucky to meet and connect with her sweet mom and brothers and sisters back then. (like 12+ years ago)

So for me, not only was it a super great family session but it was an amazing opportunity to reconnect with the whole family. All the kids were so amazing and I know it took everyone a minute to wake up, but once they did, wow! Such an amazing session, and I hope we don't have to wait another 10 years to catch up.  Enjoy this sneak peak guys, and I can't wait to show you the rest. :)



South Ponto Carlsbad Family Session - The Dodson's

Today was such a beautiful bright sunny day, and I got to start it in the best way,  a family session with the Dodson's. I feel so incredibly blessed that Len (the patriarch of the family) lost a bet and was fortuitously put in charge of finding and arranging this years family picture.

This spring has been so incredibly green and I love the bright colors of the flowers at South Ponto.  On top of the beautiful setting, the willingness of the whole family to go along with everything I was throwing their way was above and beyond what I expected. It was so bright that everyone was squinting away, but not one person complained about it. :)

Dear Dodson family, I hope you had a fantastic brunch this morning and got to spend some quality family time together. I had a hard time (per usual) just picking 10-15 images to share for your sneak peak, so I hope you enjoy all the extra sweet shots I shared below.