Margaret Nagy's 90th Birthday/Family Reunion in Annapolis, Maryland

My Grandmother, Margaret Nagy turned 90 last month. And everyone in the extended Nagy Family (Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, nephews, cousins, 2nd cousins, in-laws) got together to have a celebratory weekend. We don't get to all be together very often. In fact their were family members there that I had not seen in years, who I love dearly. It's hard, when you live so far away to always get together but this was such an awesome reason to get together. To celebrate an astonishing and amazing human being, in fact one of my favorite people. And I got the pleasure of documenting it all. 

I am not a writer but I love what I do so much I do my best to put my feelings into words. I feel like creating images is a better representation of expressing my emotions.  Especially when it's people I love. To get to give them the gift of freezing a moment and getting to hold it in their hands is, unbelievable. I wish I could go back and extend each moment and make it last longer, and I think in a small way photography does that. 

I also was lucky enough to utilize an awesome app through StoryCore that helps you interview those in your life who you want to preserve their history. If you don't listen to NPR, then you may not have heard of it. But check it out! Especially with the holidays coming this is something anyone can do with their family.

So here is to my 90 year old grandmother who I love dearly and I wish I could hug every day! Some memories to hold on to, and an interview I won't forget: