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At Home Desert themed Lifestyle Newborn Shoot with The Paxson's

In Home Desert themed Newborn Shoot in North County San Diego

On May 30th my sweet friends, Cara and Matt Paxson, welcomed 8lb 9oz of pure sweetness to the world. Meet baby Dean Paxson. This little one was a welcome addition to the Paxson family and his big brother Waylon was over the moon when he met his new baby brother. If you haven't seen them already, check out Cara's maternity session in Ocotillo Wells. Waylon was so excited and all about his mommy's tummy and it perfectly aligns with Dean's Desert Nursery theme. One really cool detail in Dean's room, is the moon water color print his grandma made him. This moon print echo's back to the maternity shoot as well, where at the end we got the moon rise and the sunset at the same time. 

This darling little nugget was one of the most relaxed and chill babies I have ever met, especially considering he was only 12 days old when we did our newborn session. He didn't cry once, and slept 90% of the time I was there. He was patient with me changing his outfit a bunch of times and really all he wanted was to be held and fed. He even slept through his 3 year old brother holding and kissing his face. He was a dream and it made our in home lifestyle session so fun and comfortable. And he looked so sweet in his beautiful nursery, and his adorable cactus romper (I wish adults looked cute in rompers like this, I would totally wear one ). 

One of my favorite parts of our session was taking photos with his moms Pregnancy crystals. Cara slept with these stones every night to help support a healthy pregnancy and fetal development, as well as to feel closer to Dean. Cara owns her own business (Asiia by Cara) were she makes amazing candles and each of these candles comes with it's own stone or crystal, so she definitely knew the right stones to help promote a healthy pregnancy. Each crystal helps the mother and fetus in a different way. Moonstone - to relieve stress, Unakite - support for the reproductive system and the bodies communication with the baby. Azure - to help repair brain cells and fetal development. Chrysocolla - draws off negative energies. Red Jasper - Helps boost Energy. 

Cara (and Matt), thank you for welcoming me into your home to document this sweet moment in time. These days go by so quickly and I hope you not only love these images now, but treasure them forever. 




Asiia by Cara

Bliss Crystals

El Paso Romper - 3 Little iitts

Chula Vista Newborn Session - Jackie Martinez


Newborn sessions are quiet and sweet. They are gentle and delicate, and they are precious. I can't even accurately describe the delicious pleasure of being one of the first people to get to handle these little people. 

This is little bit of heaven is Christian, and he arrived just a week ago. He is the perfect combo of his sweet beautiful mommy, and tenacious playful daddy.  I think my favorite part of meeting a new human being is getting to figure out their personality, even at a week old. His mom Jackie, although tired (which you can't see in any of these images) could not be more thrilled. 

His darling nursery was a woodland/adventure theme, and his nickname fits so perfectly with his new space. "Little bear" was such a dream during this session. Over the course of yesterday morning we got to know each other, and I honestly can't wait to get to play with this bundle as he grows.

Jackie and Cesar, you did so well! I know bringing home a baby for the first time seems so scary and overwhelming but you are doing it and thriving. I hope you love these teasers and get to savor this fleeting moment a little longer because of them. 





Stella's Dougher Lifestyle Newborn Session in Tierrasanta

How sweet is Stella and her tiny fluffy tutu? She honestly was such sweet girl and even though she tested our patience by staying awake for 2 1/2 hours she didn't cry or scream.  Mom  (Sheena) was a champ and finally got her down and we got the most darling pictures with her and Big Brother JD. 

I am so lucky and blessed to have been able to be apart of the Dougher's family journey and I am so excited to continue that through the years. Documenting Newborns is so special and sweet, and I truly enjoy the honor of being one of the first people your baby gets to meet. 

I am one blessed lady!