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So what happen’s now?

  1. You take a minute and answer these super duper important questions below and I respond within 24-48 hours. (usually faster, cause I’m a freaking ninja 💥 )

  2. We talk about your wedding day over e-mail and figure out what works best for you! Then we can meet over facetime/skype (or in person if you want!) and become besties. (It always makes me sad when someone inquires, I respond and then crickets. If, for some reason, you’re not ready or can’t move forward, do not feel scared to let me know. It makes me feel so much better when you let me know what’s up. And if my pricing scares you, just know, I can always create something based on your budget. :)

  3. We nail down the details of what you need and I e-mail you a contract & invoice. (that you can sign on your phone!) 

  4. You pay me so I can pay for my Disneyland annual pass (and my bills I guess 😒). It’s usually half at booking + the rest 1 month before your wedding, but I can create a custom payment plan if you need me to.

  5. I document your big day and within 24 hours you get a sneak peak (usually around 10 photos or so!) 6-8 weeks later you get the rest of your AMAZING photos in an online gallery!!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
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