Medina and Arash's Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve Engagement Session, San Diego

Medina & Arash Los Penasquitos Canyon preserve San Diego Engagement Session-16.jpg

What a dream yesterdays session was! Medina and Arash were so fun and ready to have a little adventure, and I was so thrilled to get them in such a lush green space. The humidity was high down by the Los Penasquitos creek, and we battled the bugs. Hopefully they don't have to many bug bites today! :)

I am so delighted with Medina and Arash's love story. From meeting in college and then pretty much growing up together through school, these two are such a great match. And their proposal story gives me goosebumps. Traveling to Italy, which was an after graduation trip, Arash proposed in small beach town called Vernazza. If you've never heard of it, google it. IT IS STUNNING!

While walking through town they found a set of stone stairs, and decided to followed them. They landed on a balcony next to a small church. It is right up against the water and it had a little bench, which was super private and no one was there. While marveling at the church, Medina turned around and Arash was on a knee proposing. In my imagination I feel like it's just a magical dream proposal. 

I love this couple so much, and we had such a good time, that I totally lost track of time and couldn't stop shooting. I hope that you both love these pictures, and I want you to know what a true pleasure it was and how excited I am for your wedding in August! 




Bride's Dress: Lulu's

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Necklace: J Crew

Groom's Shirt & Shoes: Banana Republic

Groom's Jeans: Levi

10 things you don't know about me -Taryn Nagy Holland

Museum of Ice Cream 2017-7.jpg

1. I LOVE 80's- 90's romantic comedies. I wish there were more out in the world. If one comes on (like when Harry met Sally, or While you were sleeping) , even if I'm in the middle of something I will stop and watch the whole dang thing. And I most likely will cry (cause I'm a softie).

2. I'm addicted to dark chocolate. I always have some in the in the fridge, because I'm obsessed. Also will NEVER pass up a creme brûlée, especially a chocolate creme brûlée.  Something about the crunchy caramel top with the creamy center just gets me drooling.

3. I have glasses that I'm supposed to use when editing, but mostly I refuse to use them (don't tell my optometrist). But I 100% should be using them because I'm pretty sure all the editing I do is going to ruin my vision. 

Taryn and Eddie San Antonio Hotel Emma 2017-14.jpg

4. I LOVE hugs. I firmly believe we should all get a minimum of 10 hugs a day. If you don't like hugs, I am so sorry I'm probably still going to hug you. I just really think you need one. 

5. I was in choir all through school and I love to sing.  I genuinely wish I was still singing with a group. I think singing is the thing that gets you closest you get to god/ or what ever you believe in. It just makes me feel so whole. 

6. I will probably call you over text you. It takes me so long to text what I could say in just a minute or two. I probably am just long winded and that's really my problem. :(

7. When I meet someone I usually know pretty quickly if I like you of not. I just have a really strong sense of people's general vibes. But really I usually will like people, like 80-85% of the time, so I'm gonna like you so don't be scared. ;)

Museum of Ice Cream 2017-12.jpg

8. I lived over seas for most of my life till I went to college here in the states. There are still times when someone makes a pop culture reference or uses an American slang term and I'm just like what?! It makes me super self conscious when someone is like, HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS?!

9. I'm a sagittarius and man oh man am I pretty typical. I'm super honest (to a fault), when I think something, even if I don't say it, it's all over my face. I love to travel and dream big. I invest my time in people and if I feel like it's not being appreciated, I'll just stop. But I won't be mad at that person, I'm generally not a grudge holder. I'm super independent but I still need approval to feel good (this comes up a lot in my feelings about my work, I'm pretty self conscious and feel like my photography is never good enough). If you tell me what to do, my initial impulse is to do the exact opposite. I'm super intuitive and generally allergic to bullshit. 

10. I think I've been to more countries than states. I mean I've been to lots of states, I just think I've explored more internationally than I have in the continental US. But I'm working on fixing that. I've got my national parks pass, so we're making our way to more parks ASAP. :)

Museum of Ice Cream 2017-8.jpg

Anyways I hope this was interesting, and maybe you feel like you know me a little better now. Generally I would just say I'm a goofy person who loves to laugh, so hopefully that's someone you'd like to know. And if not, eh no worries! No sweat of my back. :)




Maribel and James's Downtown San Diego Elopement

Maribel and James's San Diego Court House Elopement 2018 (5 of 25).jpg

This past Thursday I had the honor of capturing images for James and Maribel. These two love birds have some amazing children (ranging from 19 all the way down to 3) and a lifetime of love, so it was amazing being able to share this day with their sweet family. Maribel's original wedding plans were for something more traditional, but when her eldest babe went into the Navy she knew she might need to do something different to make sure her whole family was there for their special day.  

So to ensure James jr. made it to their big day, this sweet couple decided to move their wedding from Oklahoma, to San Diego, where James Jr. is currently stationed. Having a son in the military may have complicated this couples wedding day, but they wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Congratulations guys! I can't wait to share the rest of the images with you but hopefully you love these sneak peaks!




Flowers: La Belle Bloom

Dress: David's Bridal

Groom's Outfit: Dillard's

Hair and Makeup: CP Wedding Artistry Cinthya Preclaro

Bride's Shoes: Antonio Melani

Bride's Veil: Bella Styles